Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Apology is in Order

Um, Mommy do you want to say something to me? Perhaps, apologize to me?

Yes, Georgie, I am really, really sorry.

Well, would you like to tell all my friends why you need to apologize to me?

No, Daddy and I are a bit embarrassed, so why don't you tell your friends and I'll go get some presents for you.

Ok - you guys aren't going to believe this. Mommy and Daddy FORGOT my Gotcha Day! Yesterday was my third Gotcha-day-aversary, a day that they should never really forget.

That's right, three years ago today Mommy, Daddy and my Grandpa came to the nice Lady's house (my breeder) and took me away to my forever home. I was one of the last ones to go - most of my brothers and sisters had gone the week before - so I was pretty excited. I got a whole house and yard to myself and my own Mommy and Daddy - it was a pawesome day!

(Here's a picture of me during the car ride home.)

The good news is that Mommy and Daddy made it up to me, I got a cool new toy, a bully stick and treats and then we went and hung out on the deck together while I sniffed the breezes!

(Maybe it's not such a bad thing to have Mommy forget :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Me?!?

"My Daddy went on a Sail Boat Race and all I got was this dumb t-shirt" - that's what the kitties are thinking, because look what my Daddy found for me on his race...

My very own sail boat!

Maybe I should open up a travel service, like Ruby. I could take doggies and kitties where ever they want to go - that would be cool. Or perhaps I could sail along side the Black Furrball, Beaux and his brother Samwise and all the other dogs could come aboard when the kitties are playing.

Better yet, I'll go rescue Willow - she's been abandoned!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're Back!

Waa hoo - Mommy and Daddy are back from their trip, and I'm back from camp! This is the best part of coming home from camp is the ride home, I love sniffing all the air and knowing that we're getting close. Mommy worries about me hanging my head out too much, but I love it, so she lets me.

Oh I'm so glad to be back home - and the good news is Mommy says no more trips that she knows of (well, til the holidays anyway)! So hopefully that means just a nice relaxing summer and maybe a few trips to the beach, that's always fun.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Name Meme

My Brothers and Sister tagged me for this cool Name Meme:

1. be honest
2. tag other people
3. have fun!

What is your name?

My regular name is George, but my big long AKC name is "Aberdeen's Intercostal Clavicle".

If you could change your name what would it be?
Um, I actually like my name, it works for me. Sometimes it would be easier to be a girl dog with a girl name, but I think it gives me more personality!

What is your pet's name (it can be a webkinz or a real pet)?
I'm not old enough to have a pet, I'm only three. Plus I barely remember to do all of my stuff in a day (you know, nap, eat, play with the rope tug), let alone any other furry's stuff!

If you could change your pet's name what would it be?
If I had a pet I'd name it Little King Tuffy - not sure what kind of pet it would be with a name like that, but it sounds good!

What is your brother or sisters name?
My brother's names are Bert and Jake, and my sister's name is Pearl.

If you could change their name what would it be?
I wouldn't change Bert's name, it suits him quite well.

I'd change Jake's name to Scared-ey Floofy Boy, because, well, that's what he is!

And I'd change Pearl's name to Princess PITA (pain in the a** :) because she kinda is!

Now tag as many people as letters in your new name for yourself.

Well, I didn't change my name - but I will tag my friends Sparky, Petey, Willow, my beau Beaux and my BFF Renna.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Woo hoo! Mommy's home!

She got home late Sunday night, but we managed to play in the yard a bit Monday morning before she went to work - it sure was nice to see her. Not that I don't love my Daddy, but Mommy's are special.

So Mommy, what should we do all weekend and the rest of the summer? I've got a whole tin of tennis balls and a new frisbee to play with - where would you like to start?

I'm sorry Georgie, you've got to go back to camp again on the weekend. Daddy and I are going to Mackinac Island and we won't be able to take you with us. I have to go pick Daddy up after the race. This is the last trip for a good long while - and when we get back I promise that we'll go to the beach and visit Sophie.

Aw jeesh, back to camp?! Well, I guess it's not so bad, I do have fun there and it's not that long. But man are the kitties going to be hissed off!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I got out my spiffy bandanna for the fourth - it's always best to look good for holidays. I like this picture, since it doesn't show my bad haircut (though you can see that they cut my beard a bit too short - but Mommy says that's ok since I'm a big slobber-mouth) :-)
Mommy and Daddy we're just in Philadelphia, our nation's birthplace. They saw all sorts of cool stuff. The kitties posted a bunch of pictures from the trip - the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall - lots of cool places.

Oh, the kitties got their Swap 'n Tails - and there was something in it for me! Thank you so much Samantha and Mr. Tigger - the squeaker toy is sooo cool.

But there's a bit of bad news - Mommy is leaving us again! The good news is that Daddy is staying home and Mommy will only be gone for a few days, but jeesh it would be nice to spend a little time with us all together.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Super Tuesday

So today is a big day! I got two awards, my very first! This one is from my friends Maggie & Mitch I would like to pass this award on to Abby and Renna.

And this one is from of my first doggie friends and my bloggie inspiration, Renna the Renaissance Pup!
And I would pass this one on to the very handsome Beaux, the birthday girl and her brother Dana & Loki and the awesomest FrootBat Titus.

But the best part about today is that it's my friend Dana's 4th birthday today and she's having a party. There's gonna be playing and dancing and apparently there's gonna be a surprise (that sounds good). So everyone should stop on by!!!