Sunday, June 29, 2008

They're Back!

Finally - Mommy and Daddy are back! They actually got back on Friday, but they've been really busy taking my Grandma all around town. But finally Mommy's got a bit of time to sit down and help me blog - wahoo!

My Grandma did bring me back a ton of cool stuff - she brought me a whole pack of squeeky toys and a cool rope ball (which I have mostly destroyed, and Mommy hasn't managed to get a picture of yet)!

I had a really fun time at camp, well until the bath and haircut part. And really, I don't mind the bath, but the lady there wasn't very good at cutting Airedale hair - Mommy says she's going to have to "clean me up" a little (I don't like the sounds of that). But they left my tail all floofy, so if that's what she's talking about then I guess I don't mind (I feel a bit silly with the wrong hair cut).

I spent the whole first night barking at every noise and kitty walking by - sometimes it takes a bit of time for me to settle down at home again. But now, I'm all settled back in and happy to be home with everyone!

I'll get started visiting everyone as soon as I can - and maybe I'll put up some of the pictures from Mommy and Daddy's trip.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that it's my kitty friend Dante's Third Birthday party today - in fact he's having a super Pirate Party all day today! And what's even more exciting than that, is that I get to go to the party and I even have a date! Dante's handsome brother Beaux asked me to accompany him to the party and I'm so excited.

Isn't he handsome?!

The bad news is that Mommy and Daddy are leaving for a vacation, so I'm going to be gone all next week. I guess it's not too bad since I get to go to the kennel - which is super fun, I get to play with all the pups there and they even have agility toys to play with.

There is another little bit of good news - when Mommy and Daddy come back they're going to have my Grandma with them, so I get to see her (and she always brings me cool treat)!

So I'll miss you guys - but I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Was Tricked!

Mommy said that she had a surprise for me when she got home. I was hoping for a new bone or maybe a walk. I was a little worried when she said Bert was going to get the surprise too - there aren't many things that we both like to do, except sleep. But how bad could a surprise be right?!

I found out that surprises can be not so great - it was a trip to the vet! I guess the good news is that they only took a little bit of my blood and I only got one shot - oh and I got a bunch of treats for being a good dog.

And I got lots of sympathy from Daddy when I got home cause of my green band-aid. So it's not all bad!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Almost Gone

I'm a little it sad - my birthday bone is almost gone.

As you can see, I've managed to chew the cool ends off. I have a plan for eating these big bones - you start with chewing on the end till it loosens up and then you chew it away. Next, repeat on the other end. Once you have the ends off you can just gnaw away till it's all gone!

The only problem is that eventually the bone is gone and you have to wait till the next big present day for a new one!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally Friday

Finally I get to open my present is more like it! There's been a box sitting on the kitchen counter since Monday night and Mommy hasn't been around to help me open it. I've never had my own mail before - oh sure, sometimes I get something when the kitties get a present, but this is the very first time something came addressed to me alone! It smelled so good sitting up there, and Mommy told me it was from my friend Renna, so of course I was very anxious to see what it was.

Here's the cool card - isn't Renna the cutest Princess Pup you've ever seen?! Oh it's a birthday present, how exciting.

Here's me checking out the box.

And here's what was in it!

A big juicy Ham Bone - it was so great! I could barely contain myself, I kept pawing and jumping on Mommy as she opened the package for me (I could have done it myself, but she said no). It was so amazingly tasty, I chewed and chewed! Bert came over to see what I had, and I wouldn't let him see - I got mad and took my bone to the corner where he couldn't steal it.

A while later Mommy got up to take the bone away, she said it's not good to have too much of a special treat all at once (see if she says that if I tried to take away her Ben and Jerry's!). But all she saw was a few last bits of bone, so she looked all over till she realized that I had eaten the entire thing in the span of only a few hours (I'm what the vet calls and "aggressive chewer")!

Even though I didn't make it last, I sure did enjoy it!!! Thank you sooooo much Renna, it was an awesome birthday surprise!

On a sad note, one of the kitties' friends is being helped over the bridge today, I'm sure Storm and her family would appreciate any good thoughts, woofs or puppy kisses.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whada Ya Think?

Sorry that I haven't been around much! Mommy and Daddy finally finished babysitting the young sticky ones and Sophie - so now they are home and maybe things will get back to normal and Mommy can sit down and help me visit all my friends.

In the mean time, she changed my bloggie's look! I've put a poll up - so you all can vote and tell me to keep it or not!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Friend Sophie

This is my friend Sophie (she looks kinda like my new friend Luc).

She's the very first big dog I ever met (well, except for all the dogs at the place that I was born)! She's soo cool, I really like her a lot - when I was little I used to run all around her and try to bite her fuzzy ears. I usually see her ever weekend, but since Mommy and Daddy have been taking care of her this week I've gotten to see her lots.

Sophie loves to come over to my house - she loves to chase the kitties. And sometimes she even goes into the basement and snacks in the kitties' litter box!

She doesn't always like to play with me 'cause she's like a squillion years old (oh, wait Mom says she's 14) and doesn't feel like playing. But that's ok, she's still my good friend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Not My Fault!

Oh boy are the kitties in trouble! Mommy and Daddy have been away for a while (they've just been living down the street taking care of their friend's kids) - and it's been kind of rough without them. But the kitties were so hissed off that they threw a "Trash the House Party" and just look what all thier friends did!

I swear I had (almost) nothing to do with this Mommy!

Oh that, no that was all the kitties, I didn't do that!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More About Me

My kitty sister and brothers tagged me for a meme - how cool is that?!

The rules are that you have to list 7 ways that you are useful, so here goes...

1. I do a really good job of fertilizing the lawn

2. I keep all of the squirrels out of the yard

3. I am an excellent guard dog (well until you get in the house anyway)

4. Who else would eat all the leftovers?

5. I drag my Mommy all over the neighborhood - she needs her exercise

6. I keep Daddy strong by making him play endless hours of tug!

7. I'm very good at keeping the kitties on their toes (you never know when you might get charged by an Airedale!)

I'd like to tag, Renna (that royal pup that got Mommy to make me my own blog), the handsome Purrageous Pups - Samwise and Beaux, and my new friends Abby and Willow the Black Dale!